Business is changing and the way you can access your energy data needs to keep up. Exemplar Energy have developed EX Online to ensure that you can access information remotely or in the office. Alternatively, different departments can access the information when required without having to rely on one source of data.

We have given careful thought on how users will interact with EX Online and have therefore developed software that meets client needs in an engaging and user-friendly way. EX Online will provide:

·      Full cost analysis and product benchmarking
·      Access to monthly reports
·      Full commodity pricing analysis
·      Budget forecasting

As one of Irelands most experienced energy trading consultants, our specialist energy traders monitor UK, EU and USA energy markets to ensure that our clients obtain optimum value and information.

Exemplar Energy pride ourselves in having a multi-disciplined team of both commodity and carbon finance experts that take a structured approach in managing client contracts. This team allows us to identify and reduce your exposure to turbulent market conditions. The foundation of our approach is to develop a strategy with our trading team that ensures budget certainty for our clients is achieved and savings are obtained when offered in the market. For large energy users, our trading desk in invaluable.

Exemplar Energy are a well respected and established energy consultant and pride ourselves on being honorable and transparent.

  • Exemplar Energy do not sign contracts on the customers’ behalf
  • The contracted rates agreed to will always be as per your energy bill
  • Our fee structure is clearly outlined
  • We never over promise our service to any client

Company reg number 471649 | Trading as Exemplar Energy