Energy procurement is a complex task and is made more difficult as suppliers use different pricing methodologies. As energy suppliers continue to differentiate themselves by offering varied products for different tariff types, it is important that customers choose the product that will offer optimum value for their needs. Product selection will depend on time of day demand and the customer’s appetite for risk/price certainty.

Working with large energy users, Exemplar Energy develop energy pricing strategies through our internal trading and risk teams which ensures that we independently advise the energy product which best meets your requirements.

As Ireland’s leading energy procurement consultant we tender contracts with all energy suppliers over a comprehensive three stage process. Exemplar Energy have suppliers tender for all contract types including:

  • Fully Fixed Price Product,
  • Flexible (Gas) Related Product and
  • Fully Floating Market Tracker Product.

Once offers are obtained, our analysts will complete full analysis and provide clients with a full overview of the forecasted cost of each contract type. Once the product is chosen a detailed risk strategy is formulated to ensure budget certainty while providing the ability to achieve maximum contract savings should commodity prices reduce during the contract period.

Managing risk is about offering clients budget certainty. Our expert energy consultants develop strategies tailored to the customer’s risk profile. Exemplar Energy work with energy suppliers to develop bespoke products which can offer clients optimum results while containing risk.

The Exemplar methodology involves providing clients with a deep understanding of the different product options available to them (Fixed Price Product, Flexible Purchase Product, Floating Tracker Product) and the advantages/disadvantages of each. After full analysis and product selection is completed, we then set about developing a strategy that meets client risk appetite. Our energy risk team set authority levels, risk limit and controls to ensure a rigorous process.

The strategy will have trigger points where contracts will be fixed to remain within budget and collars will will be put in place where value is obtained at various decided acceptance levels. This ensures that our clients are protected from an increasing market, while benefiting if the market declines.

EX Online was designed to provide clients with a full overview of how their chosen electricity product is performing in the market. This application allows clients to download product and usage reports.

Exemplar Energy manage a portfolio with a spend in excess of 200 million euro. Our clients range from multi-site operations to large single-site energy consumers. Our vast experience means that we understand the issues that you may face.

Exemplar Energy provide full invoice validation for our clients where we ensure that the contracted rates and other bill charges are being correctly applied by the supplier.

We also advise clients on all other non-energy related charges to ensure that your account is optimised as cost effectively as possible. The charges we review include:

  • MIC Analysis – We analyse to ensure that the MIC level is set correctly for your premises. We will adjust to ensure further contract savings if required.
  • Low Power Charge – If a low power charge is present on your bill we will advise on how this can be eliminated.
  • Tariff Analysis – We will analyse your tariff and advise if your Duos group is not correct. If there is an issue, we will have this rectified with ESB Networks.

Exemplar Energy consist of a multi-disciplined team that have full knowledge of the commodity markets and the other drivers of energy pricing. Our team of Accountants, Economists and Carbon Finance Experts provide our clients with an unparalleled insight into current and future market developments.

Our trading team considers scenario planning crucial in developing procurement strategies for clients. This ensures that all possible events are included in our risk management approach and allows us to act as the market responds to change.

Exemplar Energy provide full updates of the market via monthly updates and through EX Online.

Exemplar Energy understand that our clients rely on us to obtain the most cost effective energy procurement approach for their energy contracts but also require us to advise them on all other energy related opportunities which can help them to become more cost effective and efficient.

  • Energy Audits – Exemplar Energy can provide clients with a full and comprehensive review of your commercial premises which is conducted by our team of accredited energy surveyors
  • DSU (Demand Side Units) – As the grid becomes smarter there are different ways for organisations to benefit from becoming micro generators. If the Eirgrid run DSU scheme is applicable, we will advise our clients of this and provide full analysis of monetary benefits. Exemplar Energy will tender the account with all relevant DSU third parties and will advise who is most suitable.

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